Tell Premier Danielle Smith: Retract Harmful Anti-Trans Policies Now

Alberta faces a critical moment as Premier Danielle Smith's policies pose a dire threat to the health and well-being of trans and gender-diverse youth. 

These moves go beyond regressive; they're outright targeting the safety, health, and human rights of trans and gender-diverse individuals and their families in Alberta.

Plainly, Premier Smith's agenda will harm trans kids; trampling over medical experts and forcing doctors and psychiatrists to betray their professional ethics; removing access to resources, information, and the support of the community in schools and burying teachers in bureaucracy; and further exacerbating the transphobia already so prevalent in sports. 

This dangerous path jeopardizes freedoms in Alberta, directly harming the health, well-being, and rights of transgender and gender-diverse individuals.

These policies don't just restrict essential care; they perpetuate damaging myths. This amplification of toxic disinformation against trans kids paves the way for a surge in mental health crises among youth who are already among the most vulnerable populations in our province.

It's an egregious attack on their well-being, the services they need, and their lives overall. 

Contrasting sharply with these policies is the remarkable bravery of transgender youth. Their unparalleled courage in facing societal challenges, standing firm in their identity. Despite the shadow of erasure, it demands recognition and action.

We must demand Premier Smith retract these policies.

Alberta needs laws that uphold the health and dignity of every child. Speak out now to safeguard trans kids from these destructive policies.


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Everyone has the right to self-identify. My uncle knew he was way at the age of 7. I knew I was straight at the age of 7. Children know and understand far more about themselves than parents do